I was honored to photograph this beautiful mom and her family! She was the one who connected me with my manual photography teacher where this whole journey began! I took the course wanting to learn how to capture the best images of my, then, one year old. Due to many pregnancy complications and a NICU stay for my daughter, I never had maternity or newborn photos taken. I wanted to learn how to manually use my camera to take the pictures I envisioned in my head and not miss another moment. Lots of continued training, gear purchases, practice, and families later...it's been a wonderful journey that all began thanks to this mom's inspiring photography! The boys were such little gems throughout the shoot and I loved how the whole family was all in for any ideas I had. And this light...I had visions of a beautiful sunset filtering through the mom's tulle skirt when she sent me a picture of it... did not disappoint! I think it may have been the best sunset all fall!